Contests and Reward program

Cheng ChangePatient Reward Program

Orthodontic treatment + patient cooperation = treatment success

Every time a patient in braces is seen for their regularly scheduled visit, (emergency and retention check visits not eligible) you will be able to earn “Cheng Change bucks” to purchase gifts in our display case, exchange them for gift cards or movie tickets. Each item in our prize display case has a value assigned so you can save your change to purchase the items.
You must have “Excellent” in tooth brushing to earn a Cheng buck.

How it works – you must fulfill the following requirements to earn your Cheng buck at each appointment

  • Excellent oral hygiene- teeth absolutely clean, no
  • plaque or food.
  • Arriving on time for appointment.
  • Wearing rubber bands or headgear as directed.
  • No broken brackets.
Wear your Cheng Ortho T-shirt to your appointments and you will receive 1 extra Cheng buck for each regularly non-emergency scheduled visit.

How to earn extra Cheng Change:

See your dentist every 6 months for a check up and cleaning (bring us the following oral hygiene check up card or appt card signed by dentist/staff as proof) = 5 Cheng change bucks

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Refer a new patient (other than family member) who starts treatment = 20 Cheng Change bucks.

You can give the following form to your friends to fill out and bring it in their new patient appointment or simply tell your friends to let us know that they are referred by you so we can send our appreciation gift to you.


Crystal Lake


It is my intention now, as it always has been, to provide the best rfer esults possible for my patients. This system is designed with that in mind.


All of our patients are eligible to enter our office contests. Make sure you check out our cool contests going on throughout the year at the office. Details of each contest are posted on the front desk.